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Bitcoin Friendly Regulation In Japan

Source: bitcoinmagazine.com In March of 2014, the Japanese government made a cabinet decision on the legal treatment of Bitcoin. The decision did not rule bitcoin as currency nor as a bond; this prohibited banks and securities companies from dealing with bitcoins. The Japanese Government ultimately ruled that it is not necessary to regulate sales, purchases, […]

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Interview CoinTelegraph with Tealet Founder, Elyse Petersen: “Why Tea is a Good Place to Start Bitcoin Adoption”

Tealet is an online farmers market for tea founded by food scientist Elyse Petersen. With an extensive background in the tea industry and with a dream of solving tea the production and distribution problems Elyse explains why tea is a good place to start Bitcoin adoption and tells us how she sees BTC payments shaping the future of agriculture as a whole.

Read the interview at: http://cointelegraph.com/news/112780/why-tea-is-a-good-place-to-start-bitcoin-adoption-with-tealet-founder-elyse-petersen

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U.K. Government Keeping An Open Mind On Bitcoin, Says Digital Economy Minister | TechCrunch

Ed Vaizey, the U.K.’s minister for the Digital Economy, has said the government is keeping an open mind about digital currencies as it continues a review of Bitcoin and its ilk which kicked off this summer.

The minister was speaking during a wide-ranging on-stage interview with TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher, taking place yesterday at Disrupt Europe.

The U.K. government announced a review of unregulated digital currencies back in August, at the same time as launching a new financial trade body for the fintech sector, called Innovate Finance.

Asked whether the Bitcoin review will result in legislation or policies to actively encourage cryptocurrency technology companies, Vaizey said the government is still looking at the tech, but sees potential for e-payments to bring multiple benefits to consumers and businesses.

An uncertain and globally uneven regulatory environment around digital currencies injects an additional risk factor into this category of startups.

We are very strongly of the view that London and the UK can take a lead in fintech.

“We’re doing a major program of work looking at opportunities in digital currencies,” he said. “I think the Chancellor again, when he launched this new trade body, had a good look at that.

“We want to make these e-payments faster, quicker, we want to make it as safe as possible. And we want to look at the kind of technologies that the digital currencies use to allow end systems to operate in a de-centralized way, with no intermediaries. We want to look at how the new technologies can benefit consumers and the wider economy. So that’s something the Treasury is very interested in.”

He added that the Chancellor’s focus is on using payment systems and digital currencies as a way to push forward financial technologies in “innovative ways”.

“We are passionate about the sector. We’ve got research going on about what kind of work we can do to turbocharge fintech so along with other areas of innovation — whether it’s 5G or the Internet of Things — we are very strongly of the view that London and the UK can take a lead in fintech. So again it’s about focusing our research, looking at the opportunities and government working as a partner of the financial industry to see if we can grow those opportunities.”

Read the full story and see the video at: http://techcrunch.com/2014/10/22/ed-vaizey-disrupt-london-2014/

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Bitcoin for Hacking: Dutch @Hacker0x01 partners with Coinbase for global payouts

Coinbase is excited to announce a partnership with HackerOne, a platform that enables organizations to host bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs. Now, white hat hackers from across the world will be able to receive payment for their work in bitcoin. Programs hosted on HackerOne include Yahoo!, Twitter, and Square.

The benefit is clear for these researchers. Bounty winners who select bitcoin as their preferred payout option not only receive their payment at lightspeed compared to traditional payment methods, but also receive up to a 5% higher payment thanks to savings passed on from drastically reduced fees.

Read more at: http://blog.coinbase.com/post/100588015142/bitcoin-for-hacking